Your guide to the greek paradise island Skiathos

We're called Ullis and Stefan and we are a couple who love Greece and especially Skiathos. Nowadays, we spend half the year on the island and then we are running Anderssons Bar, a bar/pub that you can find around the middle of the main-street Papadiamantis.

On this site we will share our knowledge of Skiathos so that you can find the best beaches and restaurants.

Maybe you already love Skiathos, or maybe you're looking for a new exciting destination? Try Skiathos, you will not be disappointed! We can help tips to ensure that your trip will be as good as possible. On this site we have gathered the best of Skiathos.

If you have questions while staying on Skiathos you are welcome to visit us at Anderssons Bar, we are happy to help!

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